Repairs and Handyman Jobs

Pride of ownership also requires occasional upkeep and maintenance

That’s why we have always provided repair and handyman services to our customers.  We have helped with everything from setting raccoon traps to replacing any part of a home’s interior or exterior.  There really isn’t anything pertaining to a customer’s home that we cannot assist in repairing or replacing.


Repair and Handyman Job Examples:

  • Plumbing– leaks, replacement fixtures, water heater replacement
  • Electrical– switches, outlets, upgrading service panel, upgrading wiring
  • Exterior– siding, brick, stone, pressure washing, fascia, soffit
  • Interior– drywall, trim work, patching holes/cracks, flooring
  • Roof– patch, replace
  • Deck– new surface, replace entire deck
  • Kitchen/Bath– repair/replace cabinets, adjust cabinet doors, updates
  • Windows/Doors– repair and replace vinyl or wood
  • Concrete– patch, replace, new work
  • Foundation– cracks, settling, leaning walls
  • Termite/Fire/Water– small repairs to total loss replacement
  • Floor– sags, creaks, flooring replacement
  • Insulation– retro fit, fiberglass, or cellulose
  • Paint– Touch-ups to complete re-painting

If it is rotten, broken, cracked or just outdated, we can fix it!

Insurance Repairs

Accidents happen at the worst and least convenient times, or so it seems. That is why we give priority to calls for insurance claims. Whether it is water, fire, termite, or some other calamity, we do our very best to respond quickly to emergency calls. If you are in need, do not hesitate to call, and we will respond with an on-site meeting and proposal prepared to meet the requirements of the insurance claims adjuster.

E.A. Knight Construction Insurance Repairs…

Having completed close to 800 repairs related to the May 8, 2009 storm, we are confident we can fix any natural (or unnatural) damages.

We can fix any damages created by:

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wind
  • Automobile
  • Miscellaneous